Launching Capturing Japan

I'm excited to finally jump on and write these words: the podcast is now live!

Right now, Capturing Japan is on most major podcasting platforms. Over the last couple of years, Capturing Japan went through a few different ideation sessions - from a photographer specific podcast, to a "What's a cool place to go!" travel podcast, but something didn't sit quite right with those, so I kept putting it off, and off, and off... Until now.

Capturing Japan landed on where it should have started at the start, a podcast where I bring on interesting and passionate people to talk about what makes them tick, and how it was inspired in full, or in part by Japan. Whether it was travelling there once, to living there for decades.

But, why am I even making this?

There's a lot of podcasts out there already and I could be having these conversations with people without recording for sure, but it all continued to come back to the fact I like to create memories, things I can look back on, whether that’s using the medium of a camera, or doing something like this where I’m capturing stories from people. The idea was really sparked in part by having great chats with people over in Japan, where we caught up and spoke about the creative process, our passions and our journeys in Japan. I loved those conversations so much, and while I look back at them fondly, I wish there was a secret microphone recording the whole thing.

While I was worried about the challenges (not actually living in Japan, not having been on socials during covid, limited guests) I think it's safe to say those challenges have been, or will easily be overcome. I'm now a few recordings in so far, with about 20 additional guests locked in over the next six months and everything has been smooth sailing, and I'm quite proud of most of it (which is saying something to feel this way at the start!).

So, what should you expect?

  • Chats with awesome people, who relate their creative expression or endeavors to their time in or around Japan.
  • Deep dives into topics like writing, photography, art, user experience, etc.
  • Episodes each fortnight, dropping on a Tuesday (starting in December)
  • A collection of episodes that dive deeper than just a "Who are you, and what do you do?"
  • Episodes coming directly from me, talking on a certain topic, my trip reports, reflections on episodes recorded, etc.

Well, that's that! At the end of the day - it’s something I’m excited to do, creating a time capsule of people I respect, people I’m getting to know, people finding the podcast, or generally my friends.

Thank you to all those that have listened so far. If you haven't already, check out the podcast page here, or give an episode a listen below!


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